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The added sugar

The added sugar I. Introduction: A. Attention Graber: a. Every one wants to be healthy. Being healthy means living a longer and happier life. b. Food is an essential part for our health. c. The question is; is sugar so sweet for our health? B. Link to Topic: a. ďFederal guidelines offer specific limits for the amount of salt and fat we eat. But thereís no similar upper limit for added sugar. The Institute of Medicine recommends that added sugars make up less than 25% of total caloriesĒ(Corliss, 2014). The corn industries control the congress and make laws because they turn corn into syrup. b. Today I will talk about food and since we all know the saying ď: you are what you eatĒ. c. I am today bring you a very valuable information about the food we consume, the food we were raise to consume and how about most companies donít care anymore about most food. C. Thesis Statement: a. Every one wants to sell their product no matter who or how people will deal with the consequence. b. Too much sugar is bad for us and we should control the intake of sugar. D. Why this topic? a. ď Itís important to be aware of how much sugar you consume because our bodies donít need sugar to function properlyĒ(American heart association, 2014). b. An Added sugars lead to zero nutritionists and more calories, which will transfer into many unwanted molecules that might result in harming our health. E. Preview of main points: a. Sugar, and how our bodies react to it. b. Why industries adding sugar to our meal and the truth about Low fat products. c. The options we have for our daily used products, that we can use with a minimum added sugar and how to avoid sugar. II. Transition: Letís rock this and see if too much sugar is sweet for our health or not. III. Main points: A. Main point 1: Added sugar and how our bodies react to it. a. Sugar is one of the essential sources of energy that our bodies use to create energy and keep life within us. We can take the daily intake of sugar through other product other then actual sugar. b. Our buds taste has evolved to have an intense reaction when tasting sugar and release powerful brain chemical that will affect our mood. c. When our bodies consume sugar it will have to be ended with two scenarios. i. It will be used immediately to make energy. ii. It will stored as glycogen for short period of time. iii. Then It will be turned into lipids by our friend the insulin, which is a hormone That the pancreas release that are turning the entire extra sugar that the body didnít burn into lipids.( Pealen, 2011) IV. Transition Since we know what is sugar lets take a look around and find out where can we find it. B. Main point 2: Industries adding sugar to our food and the truth about low fat product. a. Sugar can hide under many names. b. Most product will not show how much the percentage of the sugar and leave just the amount in grams on the labels. c. When companies took out the fat from their product the taste is awful and they know people will not buy it, so they discover that they can add sugar instead and the taste will be acceptable again. V. Transition We know about sugar, low fat product what are we going to eat then. This will bring me to the last part of my talk today C. Main point 3: How can we protect our self from sugar and have a healthy replacement of our daily meals. a. Stop drinking soda like. Soda should be band for people under 15. Its is one of the main sources of many health problem it has more then 33 grams of sugar in the 12 ounce cane. Drink water instead it is much healthier and donít cost as much. b. Try to avoid cereal instead wake up earlier and make healthier breakfast where you have fruit vegetable protein and milk. c. Donít use syrup with pancake but use honey instead. d. Use wheat instead of white bread. e. Different people have different sugar intake limit( 2010), VI. Transition: Since we learn that sugar is not so sweet for our body, letís review what we have talked about. VII. Conclusion: A. Attention Getter: a. We asked in the beginning is sugar so sweet for our health and the answer is defiantly NO. b. Have you ever check how much sugar on ďNakedĒ smoothie? You might shock if you know the amount of sugar. For example, ďa small 10 ounce bottle of Naked's Green Machine has a whopping 35 grams of sugarĒ(Novak, 2014). Business is always hiding sugar under many names and we have to be aware, and have knowledge of what we are consuming. That is our health, if we donít care who is going to care? B. Review thesis statement: a. We shared information about the food we were raise to consume and how about most companies donít care anymore about most food and how every one wants to sell their product no matter who or how people will deal with the consequence. C. Review main points: a. We share knowledge about sugar and how our bodies react to it. b. How food industries hide the amount of sugar that they added to the products. c. We end up with some healthy tips that might help us to choose suitable foods for our bodies. My advice is to try to look at food labels and know what they are selling for you. Make sure the product is low in amount of sugar and have balance ingredients. Be healthy AND LIVE LONG. ? Works cited Added Sugars. (n.d.). Retrieved March 23, 2015, from Corliss, J. (Ed.). (2014, February 6). Eating too much added sugar increases the risk of dying with heart disease - Harvard Health Blog. Retrieved March 23, 2015, from Novak, M. (2014, July 21). Some Nakedô juice contains more sugar than Pepsi. Retrieved March 25, 2015, from Phelan, J. (2010). What Is life?: A guide to biology (Student ed., p. 53). New York: W. H. Freeman &. Added Sugar: What You Need To Know. (2010, January 1). Retrieved March 25, 2015, from Click here to get this question answered.

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